Your Furnaces and Boilers in Calgary

Your furnace/boiler is just like everything else: it needs a little TLC (tender, loving, care) in order to function at its full capacity. But more than likely you’re probably like most people and avoid dealing with your furnace until it suddenly stops working. The problem with this is that you end up spending unnecessary dollars on costly repairs or replacements.

So, don’t do it. Don’t deny your heater what it needs to function effectively and efficiently all year round!

Annual Furnace and or Boiler Inspection Includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of burners and all air ports
  • Oiling of the motor
  • Thermostat operation test
  • Testing of safety limits-low water, flow switches, temperature limits, roll out switches
  • Draining of the expansion tank
  • Examination of all parts to ensure they’re working properly including blower blades and belt, check dampers, and replace filters (forced air system)
  • Verification of leaks in pipes, flue, and firebox
  • Cleaning of the stack and smoke pipes
  • Performing a water analysis on boiler water

An Uninspected Furnace/Boiler Can Leak Deadly Gases

Keep in mind that a yearly furnace inspection should always be conducted by a professional technician and experts say the best time to have this done is the beginning of the winter season. It’s essential that you have this done because an uninspected furnace that burns oil or gas can leak carbon monoxide which is deadly. In fact, it has been reported that nearly 200 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning!

You can also regularly clean your furnace if you don’t want to pay for ongoing maintenance. Dirt is the biggest enemy of your furnace and can waste fuel and drastically lower efficiency. If you’re going to clean the dirt out on your own make sure you remove waste from the filter, blower and motor.

To book an inspection call us at 403-279-7554 or book online.

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