Be prepared with summer furnace maintenance and you will have the peace of mind to know that when it suddenly gets cold everything will be up and running.

  1. Examine your furnace set up and look for any damage
  2. If you use air conditioning you will already know these components are working. If not, check the thermostat and vents
  3. Make sure to change or clean furnace filters and run your furnace once before it gets cold
  4. Remove anything that may be flammable that might have been stored near your furnace while it wasn’t in use
  5. You must call a professional should you notice a crack in the heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger will cause carbon monoxide problems when you turn it on

Call Baker Plumbing for a furnace maintenance inspection and a qualified technician will ensure that your furnace is safe and working properly. We are available 24/7, online at  or call 403-279-7554

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