Sump pumps are a great way to protect your home. Basement flooding can leave your home ruined, as well as your bank account.  A sump pump can help ensure that this issue remains a minor one, although, it must be properly maintained.

Short term cleaning can be completed every 3 or 4 months.  Clean the inlet screen and check the power cord for signs of wear and tear including rodents chewing through the cord.  Pour a bucket of water into the pump to confirm that the float rises and the pump turns on.

Once a year, remove the entire pump from the sump. Inspect for any issues and thoroughly clean. Do the same for the sump, if it needs oil or grease now is the time to do it .  Should it be time to replace it now is also the time to do that.

While none of this is too difficult you may want a professional to handle it.  Baker Plumbing has an excellent reputation for service and would handle your concerns with the expertise and commitment they are known for.

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