Old school meets new school


Some may believe that pressing technology is a recent development, Truth is press has been a joining method for decades now. Admitedly, the popularity of press has grown emmensely as costs to enter the market have decreased signficantly.

Baker Plumbing has always endeavoured to be amongt the industry leaders when it comes to technology and it use in our day to day efforts. This enables Baker to provide the best solutions to all of our clients and their changing needs.

Here we are replacing some defective 2″ copper pipe and fittings! First we cook up some 45s using the old school method of soldering everything in place. Next we remove the defective pieces and install new pipe and fittings, finishing off the job by breaking out the new school press gun and pressing 2″ couplings. A perfect example of the merger of old school techniques and new school technology.

From beginning to end!


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