Baker Plumbing’s COVID-19

As we enter an unprecedented moment in the history of the world, we at Baker are committed to doing everything we can for both our residential and commercial clients. Our business plan is in place to ensure our emergency services are available for every one of our clients and anyone else who may require assistance.

Being deemed an essential service does provide us the ability to respond to any and all reasonable requests made. With office staff working from remote locations and field techs using the best available technology, we can ensure the safety of both our workers and your staff or family.

With all that’s happening, we feel it’s appropriate to offer the following:

  • 20% discount on all work orders completed while this quarantine is in effect.
  • This will be seen as a line item noted as COVID discount and will be applied to the whole invoice.
  • No dispatch or truck charges for the duration of this lockdown

This discount applies to any quotes or preventive work we may have had scheduled with you prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.
It is our hope that these changes will provide some relief as we all navigate this together. We look forward to brighter days but in the meantime, as we anticipate no interruption to our services providing plumbing, gas, HVAC, backflow and electrical services. We are ready and willing!!

Bob Baker

Old school meets new school

Here we are replacing some defective 2″ copper pipe and fittings! First we cook up some 45s using the old school method of soldering everything in place. Next we remove the defective pieces and install new pipe and fittings, finishing off the job by breaking out the new school press gun and pressing 2″ couplings. Amazing!

From beginning to end!

Looking for septic tanks!

While our focus is commercial plumbing, heating and boilers. We do a wide range of services that assist all our cliental. Here we’re locating a buried septic tank for servicing. With the proper tools, knowledge, experience and attitude there is nothing we can’t do! IF WE CAN’T DO IT, IT CAN’T BE DONE!


Technology and septics! Amazing!


Once found we can initiate repairs to keep everything flowing the right way!

Camera of commercial restaurant drains

At Baker Plumbing we ensure that after we clear your drains via auger by running a camera through the line to midigate any future issues. This service prevents call backs or determines the causes of the back up. Our goal is provide the most information possible in maintaining your plumbing systems. Got an issue? Call us today!

Commercial parking garage video

All tools to get the job done right!