When the drain from the house to the septic or sewer becomes blocked the cause is usually one or more of these four things.

  1. Accidental Damage: Damage of drain pipes in the ground can be the result of a couple of things.  It might have occurred during the backfilling of the home.  What might have been a hairline crack that can develop in a leak overtime.  Damage can occur when digging to install a fence post or a tree and being unaware of where the pipes are.
  2. Tree Roots: A common cause of blocked drains. Tree roots can manage to push their way into pipe through the smallest of crevices.  Roots can continue to grow, creating an obstacle or collecting points for fats and solids
  3. Grease and fats: One of the most common causes of blocked drains can come from the kitchen. Grease and fats have a tendency to build up along the walls of the pipes narrowing the way.  Even if the buildup is washed away through internal piping with hot water they can still contribute into creating a blockage if there are roots and other objects in the underground drainage system
  4. Undissolvable Items: This is probably the most preventable of all blockage issues. These are caused by items being intentionally or unintentionally being flushed down toilets and they will not dissolve.  They can range from toys to feminine hygiene products and disposable diapers.

The best ways to deal with these issues is to have a professional service and repair your pipes. Call our experts at Baker Plumbing, 403-279-7554 or contact us through

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