Water hardness is caused by calcium and magnesium in the ground and surface water. If either of these minerals is present in your drinking water in high concentrations the water is considered hard.

The hardness of Calgary water can be very seasonal and can vary by location.  The northside of the city receive water from the Bow river [Bearspaw water treatment plant].  The southside from the Elbow river thru the Glenmore water treatment plant.  Hardness  is expressed as Calcium Carbonate CaCo3 in milligrams per litre.  Hardness becomes an issue when the rating falls between 150 to 300 or greater. Calgarys rate falls between 180 -210 or greater which classifies our water as hard.

Hard water can reduce the effectiveness of detergent and can cause a mineral buildup  on the mechanical parts of dishwashers and washing machines.  Glasses and utensils can carry a buildup, as can clothes that are washed in hard water. The lack of effectiveness of your shower head can be the result of hard water buildup.

The experts at Baker Plumbing can advise you as to the quality or hardness of your water, make suggestions in regards to water softeners and provide a quote to supply, install and maintain a softener.

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