Furnace Maintenace Repair & Replacement

When winter rolls around we need heat. Many houses in Calgary are heated by furnaces (forced air systems). The air is heated by the furnace, then a built-in fan pushes the air though ducts and out the vents comes hot air. This hot air then warms the room making life comfortable. Think of it as a giant hair-dryer that is powered by natural gas.

Furnaces need to be serviced regularly to make sure they are running properly and as efficiently as possible. Not servicing your heating equipment can possibly put your family in unnecessary danger. If there is a leaky heat exchanger or a venting issue, toxic gases could be in your home. We will check for all these potential issues when we come to service your furnace.

Here are some tell-tale signs you have furnace issues:

  • No heat
  • Odd odours such as gas or burning plastics
  • Strange sounds such as humming, whining or loud vibrations
  • Visual clues such as chalky debris, soot or metal shavings
  • Flashing codes on unit of gas valve

You need to be servicing your furnaces regularly to prolong the life, maintain efficiencies and keep your warranty valid. To book a service please give us a call at (403) 800-3007 or request a quote below.

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