Calgary drain cleaning services


Few things cause the anxiety of a drain and toilet overflowing. Most have felt the fear rising with the level of the water or sewage. We understand that anxiety and can relieve that feeling quickly. No matter the size the purpose of drains to is to drain!! If your drains aren’t draining properly then there is only one thing to do. Call Baker Plumbing in Calgary! We have the tools, the knowledge, the skill and most importantly the experience to solve drain issues quickly and to give the necessary recommendations to keep those drains flowing no matter the type, size or location!! Call Baker Plumbing today!!!



Drain Cleaning
Service Type
Drain Cleaning
Provider Name
Baker Plumbing ,
70 Shawville Blvd SE,Calgary,Alberta-T2Y 2Z3,
Telephone No.403-800-3007
Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie
Professional tools to clean and maintain drains and plumbing

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