Calgary Cross Connection testing



Cross connection or backflow testing is a critical part of a building’s infrastructure. With annual testing of these devices a requirement for all commercial properties, coupled with the need for certified testers and equipment, their importance cannot be overstated.In Calgary, some homes and businesses have cross connection devices at their properties. This device prevents water that has been used for washing, heating and cooling from flowing into our drinking water. The City of Calgary oversees annual testing and compliance of these devices in order to protect Calgary’s drinking water supply from contamination.

I have a cross connection testing letter, Now what???

If you received a letter, you need to have your cross connection device tested by a certified tester who is registered with the City of Calgary.

After testing is completed, the tester should submit the report to our office in 30 days. Check with your tester to make sure the report was filed with us and that you have received a copy of the test report.

To learn more about cross connection devices, home owner and business responsibilities, and certifications and renewals for cross connection testers, please visit the resources below:

For more information on cross connection guidelines, see:

If you have other questions for the program team, please contact 311 or submit an online service request.




Big boilers in Calgary

Boilers today are complex systems that require professional maintenance provided by skilled and trained tradesmen. Winter in Calgary can wreak havoc on these systems if that maintenance is neglected! Here is a perfect example of what can happen when a boiler system is left unchecked and neglected. Luckily, no one was hurt or any of the equipment damaged, we were able to repair this boiler by replacing the burners, cleaning the orifices, adjusting the gas manifold pressures and inspecting the combustion products via electronic analysis. We treat boiler maintenance, commercial or residential, like a patient. For any boiler service requirements in Calgary, call Baker Plumbing, we come to you!!! Watch a quick clip via hyperlink of how this job went down!!

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Baker Plumbing’s COVID-19

As we enter an unprecedented moment in the history of the world, we at Baker are committed to doing everything we can for both our residential and commercial clients. Our business plan is in place to ensure our emergency services are available for every one of our clients and anyone else who may require assistance.

Being deemed an essential service does provide us the ability to respond to any and all reasonable requests made. With office staff working from remote locations and field techs using the best available technology, we can ensure the safety of both our workers and your staff or family.

With all that’s happening, we feel it’s appropriate to offer the following:

  • 20% discount on all work orders completed while this quarantine is in effect.
  • This will be seen as a line item noted as COVID discount and will be applied to the whole invoice.
  • No dispatch or truck charges for the duration of this lockdown

This discount applies to any quotes or preventive work we may have had scheduled with you prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.
It is our hope that these changes will provide some relief as we all navigate this together. We look forward to brighter days but in the meantime, as we anticipate no interruption to our services providing plumbing, gas, HVAC, backflow and electrical services. We are ready and willing!!

Bob Baker

Old school meets new school


Here we are replacing some defective 2″ copper pipe and fittings! First we cook up some 45s using the old school method of soldering everything in place. Next we remove the defective pieces and install new pipe and fittings, finishing off the job by breaking out the new school press gun and pressing 2″ couplings. Amazing!

From beginning to end!