You’ve heard about them and perhaps your’re contemplating installing one.

Tankless water heaters [ A.K.A. hot water on demand ] are a great idea for those who are concerned about long term energy costs, water conservation and our carbon footprint.

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Coming home from vacation to find your home flooded is a nightmare we never want to experience.

Anytime you are going away from your home for over 24 hrs it is a good idea to shut off the water.

Just find the main shut off the main shut off a close it.  If something does burst only the water in the line will run out, that result is negligible compared to a continuous pumping in to your home

What Are My Options for Heating my Garage or Barn?

There are several options for heating your outdoor buildings.  The most popular are the unit heater [fan coil] or infrared heaters.

The unit heaters are generally the less expensive choice and can provide adequate heat for large spaces, their downside is that they tend to move a great deal of hot air around, not necessarily the best when dealing with dust or other materials that may be affected by moving air.  They can also be noisy as the unit operates.

The infrared heater is a great second option and it provides an effective solution for heating.  Working very much like the sun, it sends out waves of heat that are absorbed by the objects that the waves come in contact with.  They are very popular in hockey arenas and other commercial spaces.  It’s only downside is that the unit must be installed carefully with distance factors considered to prevent any damage to cars or other surfaces that might be subject to overheating.

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What can I do to extend the life of my septic field?

Most septic fields should last 25 years if properly \ installed and maintained.  The best way to ensure a long lasting field is to think of it as a living thing.  Your septic tank loves the following environment:  Warm, dark, moist and lots of nutrients.  That means that you should keep harsh chemicals, large amounts of cold water, non-biodegradable products and materials not easily broken down from entering our septic tanks.

As for the field itself, keep large vehicles or animals off.  Keep the grass maintained to a height of no more that 3 inches to ensure that water is allowed to come to rest on the field.  Tanks should be emptied every 3 to 5 years at the most. These tips will help to extend the life of you tank and field.

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