Every boiler gas or electric needs a regular tune up. Routine maintenance is important for the safety of you family home. if you haven’t done it yet, call us. Baker Plumbing will provide a qualified tradesman to troubleshoot your boiler. Call us at 403-279-7444 or contact us at info@bakerplumbing.ca


You have turned your furnace on. If you are experiencing any problems with heat distribution, banging, clanging, lets us know. Baker Plumbing will check it out, get it working properly and keep you and your family warm. 403-279-7554 24/7 or at info@bakerplumbing.ca


If you like to start your day with a nice hot shower and that is just not happening, call Baker Plumbing. We will troubleshoot , find and complete repairs on your hot water tank or install a new one. Call us at 403-279-7554 or at info@bakerplumbing.ca

Schedule an Annual Heating Service

Having an annual service performed on your home heating is the best way to prevent expensive and inconvenient breakdowns as well as saving you money. Here are 5 reasons to have an annual home heating service before the cold sets in.

1. Prevention is always better than a cure. It is almost always less expensive to have preventative care done before you are faced with big bill for repairs. Regular service troubleshoot issues before they become larger issues.

2. Lower fuel costs. When the heating system is clean and running efficiently, it will use less fuel.

3. Reduction of wear and tear. A clean, well lubricated heating system will reduce the wear and tear on the components . This can extend the life of the parts as well as prevent breakdowns.

4. Protecting your investment . Your heating system is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your home. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your system.

5. Even heating. When your system becomes dirty and clogged, it can be difficult for it to heat your home evenly. Regular service can improve the comfort level within your home by ensuring that the heat is evenly distributed.

Baker Plumbing can provide you with the expertise to make sure that your system is working at its optimal level. Call us at 403-279-7554 24/7 or at info@bakerplumbing.ca and we would be happy to be of service

Water Sense Toilets

Water Sense labelled toilets include high efficiency toilets with a single flush mechanism as well as dual flush models [which use a higher volume of water for a solid flush and a lower volume for a liquid flush]

High efficiency toilets work effectively in basement settings. Research shows that performance depends upon the quality of the toilet flush design, not the amount of water used per flush or the location of the toilets.

Extensive testing has show that water efficient toilets provide more than enough water to transport waste through your home’s drain pipes to the sewer. If you find that your toilet is frequently plugged, it is more likely a sign that your drain pipes are partially or fully blocked than your toilet is not functioning properly.

New high efficiency toilets are not only practical but stylish as well. You can choose from one piece and two piece models. Baker Plumbing would be happy to guide you through the process selecting a high efficiency toilet. Contact us at 403-279-7554 or at info@bakerplumbing.ca

Should I have My Galvanized Pipes Replaced?

If your home is 50 years or older, there is a good chance that you have some galvanized pipe in your system. These steel pipes were used because they were thought to be resistant to rust due to the zinc coating on the outside of the pipes.

However, they do rust, generally from the inside out, releasing corroded metal and particles into the water supply. These particles wreak havoc on appliances and cause leaks and clogs and even contaminate drinking water.

If your home still has some galvanized pipe there is a good chance that they have outlived their life span. This type of pipe generally lasts about 40 years before it starts to corrode to the point that the pipes start to become clogged with an accumulation of the minerals and rusted pipe particles.

Some signs that you may have a problem are: decreased water pressure, rust colored water, stains on your sinks and tubs.

Baker Plumbing with over 58 years of experience can solve these problems for you. We are available 24/7 at 403-279-7554 or at info@bakerplumbing.ca. Give us a call, we will ensure that your home is in good hands.

Water Line Repair

Calgary’s Emergency Plumber?

Calgary's Emergency Plumber

Here’s an incredibly pertinent question for everyone who owns a home or a business. Do you know where your water shut off is? As Calgary’s Emergency Plumber we can assist and do it quickly.

Not knowing this simple but crucial bit of information can contribute to a massive amount of building damage. That’s where Baker as Calgary’s Emergency Plumber is ready to help.

Water damage is a leading cause of insurance filings and can even result in your policy paymens being increased or worse yet cancelled all together. When a situation occurs of a burst pipe or a broken fixture its critcial to react quickly and prevent any further damage. Locations of gas and water mains can be located just about anywhere. There is really no rthyme or reason to the methods used. Depending on your type of home whether its a condo, an apartment, city home or acreage. All these will have different locations and methods of eliminating the gas or water pressure.

If you don’t know where the shutoff is find out and if it becomes a problem to locate give us a call.


Or you can contact the City of Calgary by calling 311 for assistance.

We know you rely on us to provide reliable access to clean and safe water. When outages happen, we work to notify you and restore service as quickly as possible.

Water main breaks are unpredictable and can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • The age, material and condition of the pipes
  • Condition of the soil
  • Temperature of the ground and water
  • Pressure changes

If you see a water main break (water coming up through grass, road or sidewalk), contact 311 and a Water Services crew will be dispatched.

Under normal circumstances, water main breaks are repaired and water is back on within 48 hours. We prioritize breaks based on factors such as the risk of property damage, impact to critical facilities (like hospitals or schools) and number of customers that are out of water.

If your water is off and you have not been notified yet, it may be due to a short-term break in your area, repairs within your building, a break outside regular hours, or a frozen water line.


Baker Plumbing 403-800-3007


You’ve heard about them and perhaps your’re contemplating installing one.

Tankless water heaters [ A.K.A. hot water on demand ] are a great idea for those who are concerned about long term energy costs, water conservation and our carbon footprint.

Let us answer your questions.  Baker Plumbing qualified technicians can give you the low down on this product

Call us at 403-279-7554 or at info@bakerplumbing.ca


Coming home from vacation to find your home flooded is a nightmare we never want to experience.

Anytime you are going away from your home for over 24 hrs it is a good idea to shut off the water.

Just find the main shut off the main shut off a close it.  If something does burst only the water in the line will run out, that result is negligible compared to a continuous pumping in to your home

What Are My Options for Heating my Garage or Barn?

There are several options for heating your outdoor buildings.  The most popular are the unit heater [fan coil] or infrared heaters.

The unit heaters are generally the less expensive choice and can provide adequate heat for large spaces, their downside is that they tend to move a great deal of hot air around, not necessarily the best when dealing with dust or other materials that may be affected by moving air.  They can also be noisy as the unit operates.

The infrared heater is a great second option and it provides an effective solution for heating.  Working very much like the sun, it sends out waves of heat that are absorbed by the objects that the waves come in contact with.  They are very popular in hockey arenas and other commercial spaces.  It’s only downside is that the unit must be installed carefully with distance factors considered to prevent any damage to cars or other surfaces that might be subject to overheating.

For more information regarding your heating as you prepare now for cold weather, contact Baker Plumbing at 403-279-7554 24/7 or info@bakerplumbing.ca