Toilets and Plumbers PB&J

A warm welcome to Spring/Summer it is wonderful to feel the warmth of the Sun and see the flowers and trees starting to bud. It makes one glad to be alive.

That said I want to chat quickly about toilets. There is no doubt that toilets and plumbers seem to go together like PB&J. Where would modern society be without the invention of the toilet and modern plumbing?? Imagine sitting in a high level meeting and needing to excuse one’s self to use a bucket or worse yet run out to the outhouse. I may be basis but the start of modern society began with a bathroom upgrade. So why is it that we treat our bathroom fixtures so poorly?? We have found everything from old style pagers.


To several rolls of toilet paper flushed all at once.

The Big Flush

In fact this picture above shows someone trying to flush a roll of brown paper towel. Folks that is not going to happen.

Although we appreciate the business please think before you decide to flush. Not everything disappears after you flush it.

If you happen to be the victim of someone’s careless flushing, give us a cal 24/7 we’re to get things moving again.

All the best!!

Baker Plumbing